Why I like to play games

I like to play games because it is fun and other people can play games with me. When I play games, I can play with other people I know and it brings me a lot of happiness when I play games.


I like to play fortnite because the game is really popular and a lot of people play it. Every time I join a game, I either get a dub or a loss. I like to play fortnite because you can get really happy when you get a win. A lot of really popular twitch streamers play Fortnite as well.

Clash royale

I like to play clash royale because the matches are quick and the update is really cool. There are cool cards and I like the new legendary cards.

Brawl Stars

I like to play Brawls stars because i like to play gun games that have high graphics on the phone.


I like to play roblox because the game is dank.


I like to play minecraft because it enhances our creativity and it is really cool.